Can’t Make It To The Degree Show?

Here’s  a little look at some of the work I have on display

I’ll try to get some more photos up throughout the week.



I Always Take Something Back From My Travels Even If It’s Just A Story.

This collection focuses on the sentiment of mementoes and our urge to collect and store memories. Inspiration comes from my personal experiences and combining my  love of travel with my  fascination of architectural forms. I have created a collection of delicate yet structural pieces, which offer a tactile and tangible way to reminisce.

IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3426

IMG_3454 IMG_3449 IMG_3447 webjpg IMG_3438 IMG_3443


One Day We Will Look Back On This And Laugh


Sorry it has been a bit quite here lately I have been super busy.

First of all we reached our kickstarter target! (YAAAAY) so will be heading off to London in June for New Designers. So a big big THANKYOU to everyone who supported, donated and shared out campaign, the support has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.  You’ll all be getting little gifts and rewards sent out in the next few months.

2013-05-06 20.47.23

In other news I have been busy preparing for assessments and degree show. So it has been a hectic few weeks of finishing pieces, painting, setting up spaces and presenting my work. However all of the stress is over  and I cannot wait for next Friday. The degree show Space is looking fantastic.


It’s also nice to have a little more time on my hands so I’ll try to use that to keep up to date on here.

Until then go have a little looky at my Facebook page and brand new website: 

We’ve been working our little butts off promoting our Kickstarter Campaign to get to New Designers and have made significant progress raising £1,770 so far however with only 5 days left time is running out and if we do not … Continue reading

“Your mood doesn’t really matter. Some of the best creative work gets done on the days when you feel that everything you’re doing is just plain junk” Julia Cameron

I’ve been pretty bad at keeping this updated with what I’ve actually been doing and just been keeping people interested with little things I like…… SO (without giving too much away) this is what I’ve been up to the past few weeks:

Change of materials. From wood to paper to metal to acrylic to silver to paper to a combination of everything……to paper and silver……and now wood and silver. As well as some printing and etching and framing and making.

Hopefully gonna have a little collection of neck pieces and brooches.

(Maybe a lil something on the side if I’m feeling ambitious and have time)


Unrelated (although it is totally keeping me going) song of the moment:

‘Our House’ Olafur Eliasson

I need this book in my life (if only it wasn’t limited edition and extremely expensive)



Our house is a limited-edition artist’s book by Olafur Elaisson which was comissioned by the Library Council of MOMA in New York.  The visually appealing book consists of lasercut pages; negative impressions of the artists house allowing readers to make their way through the rooms of the house as they flick through.


and sometimes it’s good to have things written down:


“STOP BEING BORING (you’re gooder than that)






DO NOT QUIT (but you CAN retire)







Making. Experimenting. Sketching. Designing. Degree Show. Concept. Context.  Fundraising. Pricing. Selling. Promoting. Galleries. Exhibitions. Press Packs. Business Cards. Postcards. Graduation. Grad Ball. New Designers. Travelling. Career. Future Plans.

“It’s a busy time of year, that’s for sure–the fun sort of busy, usually. But with that fun frenzy comes a pile of to-do’s, a mountain of stress, all the daily pressures that build up, little by little, until one day you realize there’s a pit of worry in your stomach. There’s a knot tangled with all the things that unsettle you. And you see that somewhere, in the midst of it all, you forgot to breathe.

 You think: No wonder they tell us to stop and smell the roses.” 

smell-roses (1)

“A barrier is a limitation only when you perceive it as one.” ― Stephen Richards, Think Your way to Success: Let Your Dreams Run Free

Amongst all of the making and writing and making and sketch-booking and making we have also been doing some Fundraising to help send some of us  to New Designers. New Designers is an exhibition for graduates and is a fantastic opportunity for young designers to showcase their talent, kickstart their career and get themselves and their work out into the “real world”

It’s pretty much the place to be!

Only 1  problem: FUNDS.  We gotta get a stand for New designers, get ourselves and our work to and from London and accommodate ourselves for 1 week. As full-time students we just don’t have enough £££ to do this by ourselves. That’s where YOU come in.

You can help a diverse group of talented, hardworking designers take an invaluable opportunity to launch their careers and show off their talent.  Have a look at our KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN to learn more about us, see some of us in action and see what YOU can do to be a part of it all. And remember in the words of TESCO “every little helps”…we might even give you a little something, just to say thanks. 


Good Advice

from the lovely Jane Gowans during one of our recent lectures 


(this isn’t her advice I just enjoy Marc Johns)

This is the advice…..


being motivated and hardworking are qualities that future employers are looking for. Work hard to get to where you want to be.


If you’re in an exhibition/entered a competition/working on a new piece….Whatever you’re doing post updates on the process. Promote it who knows what opportunities will come from it. 


Make genuine connections with people. Get to know people outside of your own discipline  Use social media. Talk to lots of people. Exchange business cards. Keep in touch.


Nothing comes easy. If you want to be successful you have to work hard for it and be prepared to hit some bumps along the way.

Oh hey, I have a blog…

forgot about that for a while but hi, hey I’m still alive. Sorry been away watching Hart of Dixie.    AND writing a dissertation, working towards/having minor bursts of panics about this little degree show thing I have coming up…oh and Graduation…and New Designers. No big deal or anything.

Anyway here is a little photo update of what I have been up to: IMG_20121210_010349 IMG_20121214_130243 IMG_20130125_163009 IMG_20130130_174615 IMG_20130201_181140 IMG_20130211_143528 IMG_20130211_144703 IMG_20130214_122234 IMG_20130218_204015
IMG_20130304_152926 IMG_20130307_172916

Apparently the next few months might be a bit stressful, exciting and very very very busy but

I’ll try to keep in touch.

Farewell for now.

Little bit of Sunday afternoon thoughts & inspiration:



Ute Decker is a German born jeweller now working in London.  She has an ethical approach to her jewellery practice “actively engaged in campaigning for ethical ‘good practice’ from mine to jewellery-box” with this approach she creates beautiful sculptural pieces from recycled gold and silver.


Reading through her blog and al of the information on her website, Ute Decker really has been inspiring and encouraged me to think about jewellery in a different way, opening my eyes  to alternatives available whether that be materials or ways of doing things in the workshop. Part of my work is to enable the customer to see the journey of a piece, giving them an insight to how it has been made. Having an  “ethical ‘good practice’ from mine to jewellery-box” would allow my pieces to be traced right back to the materials they were made from, giving me the opportunity to give my work new meaning but also educate customers on the background of the pieces and the jewellery industry,

To look at more of Ute Decker’s jewellery and for information on ethical jewellery head over to 


“Aeon Profit – Piano Forte”


A5 is the collaboration of artists Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich, 3 contemprary jewellers from Sweden. Sinc 2008 “A5 has served as a forum for creative discussion and international cross-disciplinary collaboration.”

Aeon Profit – Piano Forte” (2010) is a project by the contemporary jewellery collective A5 which explores the function and value of objects,

“In Stockholm one can find a piano at any time via internet forums. The value of these once precious tools for making music has dropped to absolute zero. A5 took this phenomenon as a starting point in questioning the value of objects, and re-purposed the entire piano into individual pieces of jewelry”

They have a variety of interesting projects on their website: