Can’t Make It To The Degree Show?

Here’s  a little look at some of the work I have on display

I’ll try to get some more photos up throughout the week.



I Always Take Something Back From My Travels Even If It’s Just A Story.

This collection focuses on the sentiment of mementoes and our urge to collect and store memories. Inspiration comes from my personal experiences and combining my  love of travel with my  fascination of architectural forms. I have created a collection of delicate yet structural pieces, which offer a tactile and tangible way to reminisce.

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One Day We Will Look Back On This And Laugh


Sorry it has been a bit quite here lately I have been super busy.

First of all we reached our kickstarter target! (YAAAAY) so will be heading off to London in June for New Designers. So a big big THANKYOU to everyone who supported, donated and shared out campaign, the support has been overwhelming and greatly appreciated.  You’ll all be getting little gifts and rewards sent out in the next few months.

2013-05-06 20.47.23

In other news I have been busy preparing for assessments and degree show. So it has been a hectic few weeks of finishing pieces, painting, setting up spaces and presenting my work. However all of the stress is over  and I cannot wait for next Friday. The degree show Space is looking fantastic.


It’s also nice to have a little more time on my hands so I’ll try to use that to keep up to date on here.

Until then go have a little looky at my Facebook page and brand new website: 

Little bit of Sunday afternoon thoughts & inspiration:



Ute Decker is a German born jeweller now working in London.  She has an ethical approach to her jewellery practice “actively engaged in campaigning for ethical ‘good practice’ from mine to jewellery-box” with this approach she creates beautiful sculptural pieces from recycled gold and silver.


Reading through her blog and al of the information on her website, Ute Decker really has been inspiring and encouraged me to think about jewellery in a different way, opening my eyes  to alternatives available whether that be materials or ways of doing things in the workshop. Part of my work is to enable the customer to see the journey of a piece, giving them an insight to how it has been made. Having an  “ethical ‘good practice’ from mine to jewellery-box” would allow my pieces to be traced right back to the materials they were made from, giving me the opportunity to give my work new meaning but also educate customers on the background of the pieces and the jewellery industry,

To look at more of Ute Decker’s jewellery and for information on ethical jewellery head over to 


“Aeon Profit – Piano Forte”


A5 is the collaboration of artists Annika Pettersson, Romina Fuentes, and Adam Grinovich, 3 contemprary jewellers from Sweden. Sinc 2008 “A5 has served as a forum for creative discussion and international cross-disciplinary collaboration.”

Aeon Profit – Piano Forte” (2010) is a project by the contemporary jewellery collective A5 which explores the function and value of objects,

“In Stockholm one can find a piano at any time via internet forums. The value of these once precious tools for making music has dropped to absolute zero. A5 took this phenomenon as a starting point in questioning the value of objects, and re-purposed the entire piano into individual pieces of jewelry”

They have a variety of interesting projects on their website:






“Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.’” – Lisa St. Aubin de Teran

In the studio the past few weeks I have been working with sketches and photographs taken from a trip to New York over Summer, at first I was mainly focused on the structures of the buildings, the shapes of the sky scrapers and their relationships to each other but as I move forward with my work I have been thinking a lot more about how I can tell a story, how I can bring my love/desire to travel into my work. My first attempt at this was to use old tickets and maps to make some paper samples…



I want to keep it delicate but structured and introduce texture/pattern…little details that keep people interested.

So for the past few weeks I have been fighting with context and experimenting with materials. I hope to get on the laser cutter next week and do a bit of photo etching and I plan to have at least 10 decent samples by the end of the week. So we’ll see where that takes me.