Little bit of Sunday afternoon thoughts & inspiration:



Ute Decker is a German born jeweller now working in London.  She has an ethical approach to her jewellery practice “actively engaged in campaigning for ethical ‘good practice’ from mine to jewellery-box” with this approach she creates beautiful sculptural pieces from recycled gold and silver.


Reading through her blog and al of the information on her website, Ute Decker really has been inspiring and encouraged me to think about jewellery in a different way, opening my eyes  to alternatives available whether that be materials or ways of doing things in the workshop. Part of my work is to enable the customer to see the journey of a piece, giving them an insight to how it has been made. Having an  “ethical ‘good practice’ from mine to jewellery-box” would allow my pieces to be traced right back to the materials they were made from, giving me the opportunity to give my work new meaning but also educate customers on the background of the pieces and the jewellery industry,

To look at more of Ute Decker’s jewellery and for information on ethical jewellery head over to